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Why Children’s Theater Matters: The Impact of the Arts on Young People

At first glance, children’s theater seems simple: over-the-top characters, brightly-colored costumes, and catchy songs. It’s an hour or two spent together as family, then it is back to the “real world,” as the on-stage images fade into a distant memory.

Yet, in reality, many studies show that children’s theater has a powerful impact on children and their emotional and social development. Engaging in the imaginative activities of musical theater fosters increased intelligence. Seeing the world through a new perspective helps young minds imagine new worlds, new possibilities, and new ideas. It gets children off their screens and into the “real world,” teaching them how to engage with their peers and resolve conflicts in an effective way. Children who attend live theater have shown greater tolerance of different people and ideas, as well as increased empathy for others. They view social studies concepts in a new light as history comes alive in front of their eyes. And these positive effects on children are amplified even more for those who conquer their fears and perform on the stage themselves. There is no doubt that theater not only entertains, but also enhances children’s lives in many ways.

How can you help a child conquer their fears and grow into the person they are destined to become?

With your fully tax-deductible donation to Asheville Junior Theater Foundation, you can ensure that every child can experience the following:

  • Learn effective communication strategies
  • Learn about real life situations by embodying a character experiencing those situations
  • Manage anxiety that can often come with performing in front of an audience
  • Increase their happiness through playful peer interactions
  • Learn how to work together in groups
  • Identify emotions and understand the emotions of their fellow actors
  • Learn that every role on or behind the stage is crucial to the musical’s success
  • Increase their confidence after successfully performing in a musical or play