Join AJT School of Music’s Choir! Choral singing helps improve aural, vocal, and music reading skills, as well as musical memory. Learning to be in an ensemble develops discipline, attention to detail, and fosters commitment to the group. It’s an exercise in teamwork, which is often something children focused on their own performances onstage forget. 

Our curriculum includes everything from a cappella to accompanied, madrigals to pop music.  Additionally, our resident dance instructor will choreograph numbers so students can learn to utilize proper vocal technique while dancing.

Learn to value artistry, excellence, musical independence, potential, high expectations, commitment, joy, and a greater musical sphere of thought. And learn to listen…a good choralist must pay close attention to what’s going on around them. 

One of the largest benefits of joining a choir is that choir is an excellent stress reliever. In our rush to meet deadlines at school or work or coping with challenging people on a daily basis, choir rehearsal helps put the stress of the day behind you and focuses on breathing and the return to your center. Our whole-body approach at AJT School of Music takes the mind and body into account. 

Choir will meet on Mondays from 3-4pm pm in South Asheville at the AJT studio. 

Music Theory Class

Take a class at AJT School of Music in Music Theory. Covering basic music theory through aural skills and the science of harmonics, this class is designed for students with an interest in the performing arts and will help develop a foundation of musical elements.  

Have you ever listened to a beautiful song and wondered: “How can I write music like that?” The answer is music theory. Music theory is not just learning how to build chords, learn intervals, learn key signatures, etc. Every single concept in music theory is an idea or foundation for learning how to express your thoughts with sound and music.

In this class, students will learn to read music, differentiate pitches and rhythms in vocal, aural and written form, and to compose their own songs. This course will cover elements of music composition, keyboarding, and sight-reading, beginning with the basics of music notation.

In real life, learning music theory isn’t a linear path. It’s best approached in bite-sized pieces, with the goal of putting what you learn to immediate practical use. Musical theory class will open your child to new worlds of music, no matter what instrument they play. Here are some of the practical benefits of musical theory: Learn to play a wide range of music, improvise more fluently, understand how music is created, and become a better performer. 

Class will meet weekly from 3-4pm on Wednesdays in South Asheville at the AJT studio. 

Auditions for the Fall 2024-2025 season will be held on June 20, 2024. More information will be provided soon. Please APPLY HERE to become part of AJT’s School of Music. 

Email Melena Dillingham at for more information.

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