Frequently Asked Questions

Why must I fill out a membership to register my child in your theater program?

Because we are a private membership organization, you need to fill out an application and pay a yearly fee of $25 per family to become a member.

Does my child need to have experience in musical theater to perform in a show with AJT?

No, prior experience is not required, but we do love children who have already been bitten by the acting, singing and dancing bug!

What is required of parents whose children are performing at AJT?
We require that one parent from each family donate five hours of volunteer time while your child is performing in a show with Asheville Junior Theater. We know that so many of our parents have wonderful gifts to share which will make our community show that much more amazing. We are relying on your help. Examples of volunteer work include, but are not limited to, help with set construction, prop creation, costumes, fundraising, ticket sales, bake sales, day-of-the-performance help, etc. Parents may opt our for an additional $150. No child may perform in the show if volunteering requirements are not met. 
Will my child be asked to do any homework to prepare for rehearsal?

Yes. You will be given a schedule in the first couple of weeks of rehearsal (after roles are assigned and excused absences are taken into account) that will specifically detail which parts of the script we will focus on each week. It is your child’s job to come prepared to every rehearsal with their lines and songs memorized for that specific day. We are very limited on time (it is very tight trying to put together a quality show with only two practices per week). We do not have time to learn all the lines or songs during rehearsal. Actors must come “off book,” or memorized, for that specific day so that the directors can block the scenes, give acting tips, choreograph dance numbers and perfect the singing. They cannot do their job if your child has not done theirs. Musical tracks will be given to you. We suggest that you play them constantly at home or in the car so that your child can memorize them. 

Are parents allowed to attend rehearsals?

Parents are not allowed to attend rehearsals. Your children will be well taken care of, and we want to surprise you with all of their hard work on show days.  

Is my child allowed to use their cell phone during practice?

Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited during rehearsal. This is so the kids can focus on rehearsing, creating and nurturing relationships with their friends and keeping focus on acting, singing and dancing. 

Are there any backstage opportunities for my child because he/she doesn't want to perform on stage?

Yes, there are backstage opportunities at AJT. These include, but are not limited to, designing and creating costumes, making or scrounging for props, assisting with set design, assisting with hair and make-up design, and learning about stage sound and lighting. Please email us for more information about how your child can get involved.

My child did not get the part that they wanted. If we drop out of the show, can we get a refund?

All parts are important and we need all the parts filled! We cannot offer refunds at this time. Please help your child understand that disappointment and excitement are a natural part of musical theater. 

How often will my child rehearse?

Rehearsals are twice per week, once on Sunday afternoon for five hours and once on Friday for three hours. As we get closer to the performance dates, there will be longer and more frequent rehearsals in the final two weeks before the show. Tech and dress rehearsals are mandatory, and no exceptions will be made.  

My child is going on a family vacation and will miss a number of rehearsals. Is that acceptable?

We do not allow more than two absences for things such as family trips, soccer games, birthday parties, etc. Please only register for this show if your child is dedicated to being at rehearsals and making this show their priority. When your junior actor misses even one rehearsal, they can get very far behind. Additionally, their absence can affect other actors who have scenes with them. Absences for sickness are allowed but may require your child to schedule private time with a certain director to get caught up. The paperwork due on audition day will have a space for you to put your planned absences; ALL absences for things other than sickness must be listed on the questionnaire before your child auditions. We must know about absences ahead of time because they affect which parts your actor will get. In other words, a child who lists numerous absences will often not be given a lead role because of its affect on the show and other actors. And we need to write up a very detailed rehearsal schedule which will take their absences into consideration, meaning that we will not work on a section of the show where your child is vital on a day they have a scheduled absence. 

What is your sick policy at AJT?
Please do not send your child to rehearsal if they are sick in any way with a fever, vomiting, green snot, running nose, sneezing, coughing, headache, etc. Please do not send them if they have had any of those symptoms within 48 hours of rehearsal. If your child comes to rehearsal sick, we will call you and ask you to pick them up. 
Are masks required at AJT?
Asheville Junior Theater respects the individuals right to choose what’s best for their health and that of their children. As such, we do not require or enforce masking or any other medical intervention. As such, potential members should expect children and adults to be unmasked. 
What if my child wants to wear a mask at rehearsal or for the performance? Is that allowed?
We are sorry but masks will not be worn at Asheville Junior Theater because we believe that an actor’s face is essential to their success on stage. However, there are many amazing performance opportunities at other local theater companies. Feel free to email us for recommendations. 
What should I do if my child has COVID or has had a recent and close exposure to COVID?
Please do not send your child to rehearsal with covid or if anyone in your family has covid. Please wait until your child is symptom free to send them back. 
What will you do if someone in the company gets COVID?
We will ask them to stay home until they are symptom free. 
What does my child wear to rehearsal?
Please have your child wear comfortable clothes that they would wear to a dance class. Please also wear dance shoes or socks for rehearsals, as street shoes are not permitted by the dance studio where we are rehearsing. As rehearsals progress, we will ask your child to wear stage shoes (shoes that they will wear onstage but that are not worn outside).
What does the future look like for Asheville Junior Theater?
Because we are a brand new junior theater company, we are constantly adapting to what both kids and parents want and what will best help our junior actors grow into amazing performers. Please check back often for updates about exciting opportunities for camps during spring, summer and winter breaks. We are thrilled to bring you an awesome line-up of options with something for every child!

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